Below are  the services I offer. It is best to get started with a consultation to determine what would best suit your needs. Contact me to book yours.

Initial Consultation

Book a 15 minute initial consultation today and see where I can best help you. These consults are usually booked within a 24 time period.


CHEK Mentoring

The best way to master your chek skills.

1hr | $175USD

Holistic Performance Life Coaching

The Life changer that looks at improving all areas of your life.

1hr | $175USD

Biomechanical and Movement Assessment

If you're not assessing you're guessing

2hr | $650USD

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

The Only way to see whats happening within.

1hr | $175USD

Metabolic Typing Nutritional Program

The Only Way to Master Your Food

1hr | $175USD

Let's Connect

I love hearing from you. Reach out with any questions you have.

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Email: ravenwellness[at]

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