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Below are  the services I offer. It is best to get started with a consultation to determine what would best suit your needs. Contact me to book yours.


Initial Consultation

Book a 15 minute initial consultation today and see where I can best help you. These consults are usually booked within a 24 time period.



CHEK Mentoring

The best way to master your chek skills.

1hr | $175USD


Personal Training

The Fastest Way to Your Fitness Goals

1hr | $150USD

Computer Software Guidance

Onboarding Masterclass

Master your client onboarding by learning from the best who bring decades of experience and client care to help guide you to guaranteed client success from day one. 



Holistic Performance Life Coaching

The Life changer that looks at improving all areas of your life.

1hr | $200 USD


Biomechanical and Movement Assessment

If you're not assessing you're guessing

4hr | $850 USD


Guest Speaking

Speaking to corporate companies and professionals

Prices Vary


Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

The Only way to see whats happening within.

1hr | $200 USD


Metabolic Typing Nutritional Program

The Only Way to Master Your Food

1hr | $200 USD

Business Consultation

Business Mastermind

Master the blueprint to earn $10k a month. It's not about flashy social media, or email filtering systems. It's about following the blueprint, staying consistent and knowing where you need to focus your attention.


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