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Hi, I'm Carl!

Certified Holistic Health Coach & Corrective Exercise Specialist

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With over 20 years in the health and wellness industry my skill set and specialty has changed and transformed into the practice that I run today. Since coming to Canada and launching Raven Wellness, I have developed a system of working with clients where I take a holistic approach to wellness - mind and body. This means that with each client I look at all aspects of their life including: sleep assessment, nutrition, mindset and movement.


How does this help YOU?

In my years working with clients, I've had great success using multiple methods of healing. I always coach on multiple areas to get a full integrative approach to help clients heal. This has been developed through my 20 years of education, certifications and experience, which include:   

Meditation by the Sea
Running Man
bodyworks fargo visceral manipulation

HLC III (Holistic Life Coach Level III

C.H.E.K Institute  A 2-3 year life mastery program that teaches you to become a master of the institutes coaching principals (over 30 years of teaching and education and over 10,000 case studies reviewed), having studied and mastered the 4 doctors principals, the 10 step coaching program and the energetic systems of the body. Being a Chek HLC level 3 gives the tools and the experience to work with any client and their needs. The education in level one can heal the masses. The education in level 3 can take you along the path to heal, grow and master yourself and become the best version of yourself you never knew existed. I only do the work that you are ready to work with within my coaching practice. 

CHEK Faculty, Master Practitioner and (Chek Practitioner level IV)

C.H.E.K Institute   Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology (C.H.E.K) - CP Level four is a 4-7 year path mastering the most advanced orthopaedic assessments to work with any client on the planet. We have mastered the body from the head down and can work on a physical and mental spiritual and emotional level. We are trained to be in the top 5% of successful coaches and body workers in the world. So book an appointment to work on an injury or to get in the best shape of your life.  

Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist 

FDN practitioner is a 10 month full time education program that teaches and trains practitioners to run and analyze blood, urine, saliva and stool samples. Here I look at and address hormone balance - (estrogen, testosterone, estradiol, pregnenolone and progesterone), at multi time cortisol production, protein uptake, gut biosis, gut permeability and parasite and fungal screening. The way I treat health and wellness is that my outcome is validated on YOUR health and wellness and this is my sole aim to make you healthier, stronger and more vibrant. With F.D.N I use a D.R.E.S.S format where Diet, Rest, Exercise and Sleep are all addressed before Supplementation. Being an FDN certification practitioner I get to the root cause of your underlying issues, and I do not prescribe anything that doesn't address the whole body. 

Visceral Manipulation Therapist VM1

Barrell Institute. Are your organs talking to you? Are you forever seeing practitioners who never really get to the bottom of the problem or help you to truly heal. If this is the case then you may have some organ dysfunction. Visceral manipulation makes sure that the organs mobility and motility are working in alignment with you entire visceral system. As like muscles your organs get tired and tight and restricted and can cause an array of bio-mechanical issues. If you've been seeing one practitioner after the another with little or no relief then this may be the next step for you. 

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