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Holistic Performance Life Coaching

This is THE life game changer. If you're not ready to look at and address all aspects of your life then this will be a challenge for you. In the holistic life coaching program we will start with the fundamental and foundational coaching platforms of working you into good health addressing Sleep, Nutrition, Thought's and Movement. From healing the body we then can start to address mindset, habits and triggers making you grow into a whole new version of yourself.

Once purchased I will be in contact to book our session.

Meditating on the Beach

The First steps 

Included in this package 

A review of

Health History form  

Nutrition and lifestyle questionnaire 

Primal Diet questionnaire 

The four doctors questionnaires 


Followed by 3 months of coaching meetings on a weekly basis. 

This will go over the basics of getting your health dialled in and on track. 

Focusing on What and when you eat, your sleep, your stress, your detoxification and organ health and lifestyle choices. Advice  on exercise and daily activities will also be included 


The Explorer 

Included in this package

Everything from the first steps +

Health appraisal questionnaire (HAQ)

Health History form 

Diet Exercise and sleep dairy 

Lifestyle questionnaire 

Metabolic clearing therapy scale 


Followed by 6 months of coaching 3 months of weekly calls (first 3 months), Then depending where and what is needed continuing with weekly check ins and bi weekly coaching calls. Once level 1 coaching is complete we then progress and start digging deeper into the health and wellness factors. Looking deeper into the visceral stress and load on the body. By the end of the 6 months You should have a very deep understanding of your body's needs and requirements. For ultimate health and wellness. 

Outdoor Meditation
Couple Meditating on the Beach

The Awakening 

Included in this package

Everything from previous packages +

Health and lifestyle overview 

Adult attachment questionnaires

archetype questionnaires 


6 months of the previous coaching and development  but then this package is followed by another 6 months taking you way beyond the physical processes of life coaching and into the mental, physical and emotional work that keeps you in certain habitual pathways and thinking mindsets. This includes all the sections within the first two coaching plans but really dives into the metal and spiritual and emotional techniques of the archetypes and attachment theories to set new habits, new ways of thinking and living and bringing you into a new state of awareness and consciousness.


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