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Why I still take supplements even though I eat all Organic food.

Ok I get asked this question all the time. If organic food is that much better for you why do you spend any money on supplements. And well its a great question. It's also multi levelled with the answer. So let's start with the first part.

I choose to eat organic and local food because its not that I necessarily think its better. I personally think it is. BUT its that it is sprayed with way less toxic chemicals and that's what I don't want in my body. I personally don't want the food I eat to be over sprayed with herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and or the big no no for me is glyphosphate. The reason for this is we have over 100 trillion bacteria cells within our digestive tract. Some good and some bad, but as long as you have a good diet and healthy lifestyle you should maintain some good gut biome levels. Your body is home to trillions of microscopic organisms: bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microbes that inhabit almost every part of you. This busy ecosystem of microorganisms make up what’s known as the human gut microbiome. Most of your microbes live in your gut. Bacteria are the most studied of the gut microbes. Scientists have discovered over 1,000 species of bacteria in the gut. These bugs do a lot—they digest your food, keep your immune system humming along, protect your intestines, remove environmental toxins from the body, produce B vitamins and generate vitamin K, which helps your blood clot.

Human health is complicated, to say the least. Similarly, everyone’s gut microbiome is unique, although certain combinations of microbes (and a diverse mix of them) are the hallmarks of a healthy gut. Your gut flora also contains small amounts of “bad” bacteria. Their presence is totally normal, but we don’t want these microbes to take over. That’s why keeping a good balance between the good and the bad guys is important. You want vibrant communities where the good bacteria thrive and the bad bacteria are kept in check. So because of the above, when we eat food that has been highly sprayed, with the aforementioned chemicals it slowly starts to destroy the bacteria within your gut and especially the good bacteria. This would be the first reason.

The second reason I take supplements and eat organic is because of the quality of the soil. Many connected farmers believe we have up to 50 years of top soil health left within our eco system. With all the Fast farming we have become used to has slowly and surely depleted the soil if its minerals. This in turn has led to soil health becoming lessened and therefore this makes what we grow in it less nutrient dense. Because of this it doesn't matter if it's organic or not, However if you do the research you'll discover organic soil is way healthier than the more conventional farming. The below shows the depletion of nutrients within the soil, this is the second reason. Even though I eat organic food, its simply not as good because of the health of the soil. And because of this this is the other reason to the why you need to supplement even when eating organic food.

I hope this gives you a little bit of information, but most of all I hope this gives you the urge to research more into this. Find local farmers, learn how to live a little better in anyway you can.

There is so much research out there for you. Some places you can start would be

If you want some studies on gut bacteria and gut health check out these studies.

NOW - The next big question is what supplements and why. This will be covered in another blog coming soon so watch this space. BUT I don't believe in taking a multivitamin, I take the best I can afford and have done a ton of research on what is and is not great. BUT you need to firstly understand what you need. Whats going to improve your life performance. Do you need everything? No! But over the next few weeks ill be sharing what supplements I take and why, So share this, and over the next few weeks I'm going to share with you some supplements I take, some you will have 100% heard of and others you may have never heard of. But throughout this you'll learn a little something.

Make this year THE year you decide to make yourself the healthiest and best version of yourself. I am always striving to better myself in all aspects, And the first aspect to showing up healthy and happy means giving my body what it needs to function at 100%.

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