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The reason diets dont work

28 Day Reset - Why You Should Do It, and the Truth About Calories You Won’t Want to Miss

For 20 years I have been starting clients with the 28 Day Reset Program as a way to kick start their health and wellness journey. The program I have created is proven and effective. All of my clients have had success and that is because it is based around discovering each individuals needs. The truth is just because a diet plan works for one, doesn’t mean it works for most. What is healthy for one person might not be health for YOU. When we stop and listen to what our bodies are telling us, that is when success becomes inevitable.

When choosing a healthier lifestyle, we don’t want to restrict ourselves. 70% of diets out there are calorie restrictive. And I mean to restrictive that the body doesn't get enough food for basic daily energy requirements. When we restrict ourselves, we create more problems than good. The idea is to create a healthy eating plan that is sustainable, one that you will continue with. That is why I approach healthy lifestyle change, by first learning what your body needs. That includes creating eating plans and habits that will let our body know that it is going to get the calories it needs to function and do its job without going into panic or deprivation. Part of that is consistency. When we nourish ourselves consistently through planning our meals and snack times to repeat each day, our body feels safe.

Often when shifting healthier eating habits people make the mistake of not eating enough. This sends their body into a state of famine and ultimately results in binging episodes. This is a result of hormones being out of balance, namely Grelin (hunger hormone), and Leptin (full hormone). To eliminate cravings we need to help balance these out. So, it is very intentional to start planning for 3 meals per day - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Surprisingly, most people find it hard to eat 3 meals a day with balanced calories. The 28 Day Reset is designed to teach your body how to feel full and be full of energy and the zest for life.

Here’s the truth about calorie controlled diets - they occasionally work, but only short term. In fact, they can create long term damage as they starve you of the calories you need and often leave you nutritionally depleted in essential vitamins and minerals. Initially you will see weight loss, and then slowly it will result in weight gain. This happens because by restricting calories we are sending our body into a stress response and it begins to store as much as it can in preparation for high stress situations. It is a built in survival response. So, now you are hungry and you are gaining weight - not the outcome you were hoping for.

The truth is, not all calories are created equal. Not all calories give you the same amount of energy. While we need to be cognizant of calorie intake, we also need to make sure that those calories are coming from the right sources.

The 28 Day Reset does not focus on calories. For those 28 days we will be focusing your attention on getting 3 meals per day in and removing the known inflammatory foods from your diet. The reason is that although something may be considered a very healthy food choice, it may not be healthy for YOU. We are unique and our body may respond differently to foods than anticipated.

The process in quite amazing - once you remove all the inflammatory foods, you will see a shift in how your body is functioning. You may be hungry or you may be really full. Inflammation will reduce and with that the excess heat, excess water storage and excess weight. Without even reducing caloric intake your body will start to adapt and feel better. Feeding your body real foods at regular times of day results in your body no longer feeling hungry or needing to signal that it needs more. We crave more foods because so much of what we eat is nutritionally deficit and the macro nutrients just aren’t there to fill us.

If this resonates, I invite you to join us and journey through the 28 day reset. Results typically include: excess weight loss, feeling energized, mental clarity, no more fatigue or brain fog, reduced craving and and overall feeling of good. This is not a temporary fix, but the start to creating a sustainable lifestyle change.

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