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The IMS1 
Mastermind program

Are you registered in the CHEK Institute
Integrated Movement Science Level 1? Would you benefit from diving into some case study to help integrate what

you are learning?

If your answer is yes, this mastermind is for you.

During this 6 month mastermind we will meet will meet once per month for 90 minutes and go over a new case study each session. 

your understanding

For each Case Study Review

we will:

  • Do an in-depth review of biomechanical assessments

  • Review the program design protocol

  • layer in HLC forms and combining and adding to program design

  • Set a bullet proof plan to get your client wins and success and your IMS1 skill set to a master level

Keyboard and Mouse
Alyssa Exercise Coach

Alyssa H - CHEK. Certified HLC 2 and Exercise Coach

And IMS 2

Carl is a highly educated teacher and student of the Chek Institute.
I have worked with Carl for over 3 years, as a client, student and mentor.
He has assisted me professionally to advance my career and helpfully responds to my questions along the way, helping my continue to grow and learn.  He is a resource in the CHEK world that I am grateful for.
Carl has also worked with me as a client, to assist in correction of postural imbalances and create a more balanced physical form.  This work has helped me tremendously in my enjoyment of living a active life, and continuing my sport(s).
It was through Paul Chek himself that I was recommended to Carl, for the work I was looking to do, and I am forever grateful to be on the journey.  
I would recommend Carl for his courses through the CHEK Institute, his 1:1 coaching and mentorship program.

Owner operator Eleven eleven full circle healing. 

Hailee CHEK Lifestyle coach

Hailee R - CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach 

& Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist

The mentoring I have received from Carl has been an integral part of both mine and my client’s success. As an independent business owner, it is always beneficial and essential to have mentorship from someone who is compassionate, highly trained and who has experience with a variety of clients. Going through the goal setting process, having monthly accountability and supportive coaching from Carl has encouraged me to set better limits, prioritize my CHEK studies and, provide a higher level of service to my clients. This has translated into better health for me, more successful relationships and an increase in business revenue.

Chris Chek practitioner level 4

Chris C - CHEK practitioner level 4 -


As a CHEK Practitioner and Holistic Lifestyle Coach who owns a small business in New York, I chose to have Carl as my mentor to help me establish and grow my business the right way.  His vast knowledge as a CHEK faculty member, Exercise Coach instructor and business owner allows him to assist me in a lot of different areas of personal development.  It turned out to be a huge help for me when I started my business because Carl was able to give me specific advice as to how to be successful when having to build up your own clientele and client retention.  Carl helped me to setup short term and long term goals for both my personal and business life. The biggest takeaway I have from this experience is how to build program designs for specific clients, especially those with lower back issues. 

Karina Chek Health & Lifestyle Coach

Karina K -  Chek Exercise Specialist IMS2, Chek Health and Lifestyle Coach Level 1

I got smart and realized everyone who advances in their field found a mentor to elevate them. I see now that living in my confirmation bias belief system wasn’t expanding my potential. I want live like the universe and continue to grow!

Carl is a great mentor. He has the education and experience. But the key to his excellence is his ability to speak his truth. If the work isn’t up to standard, if you aren’t living your potential, it will be addressed. Either a nudge, a reminder or the occasional swift kick in the can will get me realigned with my goals, values and dreams.

I only wish I had begun this process as a young professional. Sky’s the limit with clear dreams and great coaching. Thanks Carl for helping me up.

Stop wasting your time and money in education that isn’t making YOU better. How can we coach what we don’t experience?

What past participants are saying...

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  • 6 Instalments

    Every month
    Valid for 6 months
    • One Call Per Month
    • Access to Facebook Mastermind Group
  • 4 Instalments

    Every month
    Valid for 4 months
    • One call per month
    • Access to Facebook Mastermind group
  • 2 Instalments

    Every month
    Valid for 2 months
    • One call per month
    • Access to Facebook mastermind
    • Access to month 1 of biz mastermind
  • Paid in Full

    Valid for one year
    • One call per month
    • Access to Facebook Mastermind Group
    • Access to month 1 of biz mastermind
    • One 1-on-1 call with Carl 
    • Access to the 28 day reset
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