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Conscious couple

Can you imagine….

Waking up each morning next to your life partner in a soul filling, conscious relationship…

One where you look at them and you can’t help but count your blessings ….

One where every day your love grows more and more….

One where life in your home feels calm, peaceful and aligned….

Which is both wildly unfamiliar, yet completely reassuring...

One where you can feel in your core that you are in the relationship beyond your wildest dreams….

You feel seen, heard, and safe….

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Everywhere you go, people ask questions to both you and your partner, “What is your secret!?”  “Your love is like 1 in a million, how did you find each other?”  “How can I find a partner like yours?”

You knowingly smile and share the wisdom you were given when you first began this journey yourself.

“It all begins with LOVING yourself first,” You’ll say.

The truth is, every relationship in our life is a direct reflection of our relationship with self.


That includes our relationship with our partners.  How we choose to show up every day for ourselves, directly affects the relationships with our partners and everyone in our homes.

It all starts from within and taking conscious time to peel back the layers that we previously used to build walls. 

It’s safe to knock them down now…

You can release the old stories that some relationships seem to have it all figured out, while others, including yours, often feel draining and like so much work.

What do you do if you want more, but your partner isn’t interested in doing the work?

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If you….

  • Are yearning for a deeper, soul connected relationship

  • Want to gain more clarity and confidence within yourself 

  • Are tired of yearning for more without knowing how to get to where you want to go within relationship

  • Would love to improve on and/or create healthier communication methods in your current relationship

  •  Have a desire to feel more seen and heard in your relationship

  • Feel like you’ve lost who you are inside of your relationship 

  • Want to feel safe to be who you are and authentically show up as you

  • Want to feel more empowered in your relationship

  • Want to better understand the dynamics of healthy divine masculine and feminine energies and polarities

Whether you are in a relationship with another or desire to be, this 3 week course will give you a road map and blueprint for a healthy conscious relationship.

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Kristi’s LOVE Story

Story time. About finding love again.

I believed he existed before I found him.

When I met Carl, I had been consciously single for almost two years. I look back at that time in my life with so much reverence. It was sacred. A time where I gave permission to myself to finally give and gift my soul all the things I had been avoiding.


Permission to heal after divorce


Permission to figure out who I was, what I wanted, what I valued


Permission to ask for help


Permission to give myself what I really needed


Permission to receive


Permission to build trust back up within myself, so I could trust others again


Permission to set better boundaries, with myself, with others

Kristi King Perras

Permission to reparent wounding from my childhood

Permission to become the parent my kids needed

Permission to forgive myself

Permission to forgive others

Permission to surrender

Permission to boldly go after my goals

Permission to build a thriving 6 figure business from home

Permission to travel and create adventures with my boys

Permission to save for a down payment on the home we live in now

Permission to build the life of my dreams

Permission to become the person my soul was yearning for

Permission to fall back in love with myself.

Even though I’ve found him, I was the one I was looking for all along. When I remembered that, everything else became so clear.  Everything else became energetically aligned and anything that was no longer serving me began to fall away. 

Making decisions from alignment became easier and easier to do. Listening to myself and trusting myself became easier and easier to do. Setting boundaries began to feel easy. And this further solidified my sense of hope. Faith. Belief. 

I believed in the man that he was, that he is, before I even met him. I knew that what I wanted was not out of my reach. I knew that I was worthy and deserving of a love like this. 

I wrote down all the things I was looking for in a partner. Gave them to myself…

And then I met you and everything clicked. 

Falling in love with Carl,  I felt joyful and aligned. And I feel so lucky to say that even years later, it still does. It’s just deeper. I love Carl with every fiber of my being. 

When we found each other it was like finding a part of ourselves we never knew existed. 

I love Carl, but more importantly I love how Carl loves himself and how he loves me. Because now we fully love each other, our beautiful blended family and the life that we are growing and building together.

The answers you are looking for are inside the work you are avoiding. I promise what is waiting on the other side is worth it. 

Carl’s LOVE Story

I have a story like many of you. I met and married my first wife over 12 years ago. To be honest I didn’t know who I was or what potential I had at a young age. 


When I look back, I married too young and in total honesty I married without knowing who I was or what I even wanted. I really just thought it was what you were supposed to do.  

I had no clarity about what I wanted or what my values were and like so many of us, I benignly followed a path that led me to confront none other than myself.  

When my marriage ended in divorce, I kept attracting and meeting women who were where I was; aimlessly searching for something or someone, without a value system and following social paradigms of what we thought relationships should look like.  

It didn’t take long before I came to realize that the common denominator in why relationships never got to that next level was because I had not done the work on myself to know myself. I resisted change and blocked any growth I was aspiring to. How can you be honest with someone else when deep down you’re not being authentic to yourself?

Carl Weston

Relationships take up a large part of our lives and it’s not just about falling in love or being in love with someone, it’s about staying in love with that person.   

You see, when I started doing the inner work and shifts began to happen on the inside, I also began to notice the shifts happening on the outside. Suddenly,  I found it difficult to meet other singles in the dating world who had not also done the work to create conscious change in their own personal lives. It was like all of the years of uncertainty, disappointment and hurt came crashing to the surface and I could no longer ignore their messages. Something was different, yet I was more me than I had felt in my lifetime. 

Then I met Kristi;  a woman who was not afraid to stand in her authentic power and hold firm to her value system, her life long dreams and the trajectory of her life with (or without) me.

When we met, it felt different. There was this knowing that I had not felt before, but I was doing the work and she was doing the work and somehow our work brought us together in this lifetime, on this side of the planet and the rest is history. 

 I’m grateful I made the choice to lean in and do the work because it led me to meet my match, Kristi is the one. 

Meet Kristi
Meet Carl
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In total you will receive over 9 hours of training / coaching over 3 weeks with 3 calls a week:

3 Live Trainings

3 Group Coaching Calls

3 Men’s Calls/3 Women’s Calls

What you'll get:

The Conscious Couples Course Workbook

Over 9 hours of coaching/training (3 hours a week)

Exclusive Facebook Community

Lifetime Access to trainings inside membership area

Payment Options

Call Schedule 

Week of Mar 29th
Call 1:  Live Training: Mon Mar 29th @ 2 pm ET on Zoom & FB Group
Call 2: Group Coaching Call: Wed Mar 31st @7 pm ET on Zoom & FB Group
Call 3: Breakout Session with Carl or Kristi: Fri Apr 2 @2pm ET on Zoom


Week of April 5th

Call 1: Live Training: Mon Apr 5th @ 2 pm ET on Zoom & Fb Group
Call 2: Group Coaching Call: Wed Apr 7th @7 pm ET on Zoom & FB Group
Call 3: Breakout Session with Carl or Kristi: Fri Apr 9th @2pm ET on Zoom

Week of April 12th
Call 1: Live Training: Mon Apr 12th @ 2 pm ET on Zoom & Fb Group
Call 2: Group Coaching Call: Wed Apr 14th @7 pm ET on Zoom & FB Group
Call 3: Breakout Session with Carl or Kristi: Fri Apr 16th @2pm ET on Zoom


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Best value. Save over $200 when you page in full. 


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Set up a weekly recurring payment paid for the duration of the program.


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Bonus 90 min 2:1 Coaching Call with Kristi & Carl **Only 5 spots 


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