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Mastermind program

Are you ready to take steps to level up your business? Do your feel like it is time to grow and expand?


If your answer is yes, this 6 month program is for you

Mastering the business side of the health and wellness industry can be overwhelming. With 20 plus years in the health field and the last 14 years as a practicing CHEK practitioner and faculty member,  I've figured out what works and created proven systems that work. Now I get to share through this 6 month mastermind program. If you join us you will get all the steps needed to help you create $10,000 plus a month in your business. 

Master your business in 6 months

What the 6 month mastermind looks like:

  • Two live calls and One Live Q and A each month

  • Month 1 - Getting clear on your vision, your dreams and goals. 

  • Month 2 - Setting up the right packages and services. 

  • Month 3 - Mastering your Website, your media and your calendar. 

  • Month 4 - Building networks and building a better community. 

  • Month 5 - Making money while you play and sleep. 

  • Month 6 - Putting it all together. 

If this is you, then you are in the right place!

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Unclear on where to start your business plan

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Don't have clear service packaging, pricing and branding. 

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You feel overwhelmed by all the information that is out there and are not sure where to put your energy and focus 

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You want successful marketing and social media platform but are unsure where to start.

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Adam Schegle

Adam Schegle, IMS2 HLC2 

Lets face it, most of the fitness business courses out there are cookie cutter programs aimed at Insta-Trainers.  They’re of little use to CHEK Practitioners with our vast skillset.  Carl has put together a 6 month mastermind that is completely tailored to CHEK professionals looking to build and grow their businesses.  Carl has helped me with everything from clearly defining my goals and targeting my ideal client, to creating a website that works for me and getting the most out of social media. This group provided the blueprint I needed to move forward and progress my business in a way that really resonated with me and what I value.

Jason Gandzjuk

Jason Gandzjuk ,IMS4 HLC 3

Over the past six months, I've been blessed to have the opportunity to work with Carl through his incredibly informative and mastermind business mentorship program. I walked away with more clarity and insight into strategically structuring my online and in-person coaching business for optimal growth and gained a tremendous amount of professional and personal development along the way. I'd say it was a WIN-WIN for me! Carl is such a genuine soul that he shares his compassion with each of his students as if it was 1-on-1 coaching

By continuing to stay connected as I feel like we've developed an incredible friendship that I'm so grateful for, and if I have any questions, that I can reach out at anytime for diretion and guidance. I also dream one day of working alongside of you in whatever situation that looks like. You're an outstanding soul my friend! Thanks for all that you share and do for people. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for your compassion and care!

Nick Khule

Nick Khule, IMS2 HLC3 

Carl's mastermind is one of those coaching programs that educate you on exactly what you need in order to achieve success as a CHEK professional. It can be difficult marketing oneself with our skillset and learning from an expert (Carl) has helped me land numerous clients throughout the program and we're only a little past halfway through!


Sorina Sandor

Sorina Sandor IMS1 HLC2 

Starting my journey as a CHEK practitioner helped me see the world through a new set of eyes, which I found to be both exciting and overwhelming.

Joining Carl’s 6-month business mastermind was the best thing I did right off the bet, as it provided much-needed direction and support in this new-found reality.


Sharing the journey with the right community is priceless. Carl and the group just get it.  Entrepreneurship is hard as it is, I can’t even imagine doing it alone. I watched every single member of the group going through highs and lows, and always being able to talk it out and receive support within the group. 


I also loved how diverse the group was - watching more advanced practitioners do their thing provided insight into what my career could look like a couple of years from now; What to do and what not to do, cutting the trial and error time in half. 


I found myself changing my mind about my business several times throughout the 6-month mastermind, and feeling like I’m starting over each time. I think that’s natural for most of us, as we change our business changes. But what this program offered was the opportunity to create my own system, so that I know how to “start over” whenever I want to.


The relationships that we created are the cherry on top. Absolutely priceless. Thank you Carl for creating this container for us!

What past participants are saying...

MacBook Pro on Desk

$555/Month USD


6 months with 2 Group calls a month 

Access to Facebook mastermind group

Bi Weekly Q and A live access

Plant in vase

$2750 USD


6  months with 2 Group calls a month

2 x one on one calls 

Access to the 28 day reset 

Bi Weekly Q and A live access 

Graphic Designer Desk

$5000 USD


6  months with 2 Group calls a month

Bi Weekly one on one calls 

Access to the 28 day reset 

Bi Weekly Q and A live access 

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