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The power of YOUR "WHY"

One of the first things i'll ask the majority of my clients is why? Why for many reasons but also Why they chose to work with myself. But this question goes so much deeper than that and needs to be added to all aspects of your life. Currently I'm taking a course on business and online coaching. and I was just asked why do I want to do this and why should people come to me?

Well I can tell you the reason why I do it. Thats simple, because I love teaching and helping people heal and become better versions of themselves through a holistic health and wellness journey.

Why me, well I have over 20 years of experience, with that I have 20 years of education and I continue to educate myself, grow, read and I learn from every client encounter I have and i've worked with 1000s of clients all over the world.

But my question to you is why? looking deeper into this than the superficial surface answers.

Why do you do the work you do?

Why do you eat the foods you eat?

Why do you live in the habitual program that you have created?

Now most clients I see and work with have unhealthy lifestyles, they don't eat right and they don't move right, they don't think right and they don't sleep right. These four areas cover all that needs to change that impact and propel someone into a new life force.... if they so chose.

So this is how and why the 'WHY' is so important.

Let me dig deeper, start by asking yourself the following questions.

Do you love the job that you do? If not WHY?

Do you love the body you have? If not WHY?

Do you love the life you have created or are creating? If not WHY?

Do you eat the best food for you? If not WHY?

Do you get the right amount of sleep every night? If not why?

All of the answers to these are a huge part in becoming the person you want become

Now let me ask you the biggest question of the day?

Do you love yourself? Can you look in the mirror and say I love you?


So now its time to take action, start to take the no and change your life to make them a yes. you can take this at what ever pace you feel. But I will challenge you to answer the questions above and answer them honestly.

If you need help moving forward message me and i'll give you some helpful tips on how to change.

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