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NOT all water is equal!

If you follow me on social media you will have noticed that this week I've been focusing on water and the quality of the water we drink and or buy. And something everyone needs to understand is that not all water is equal. And when I say this I mean in terms of how good it is for you and what the Ph balance is.

Now water varies from town to town and country to country, But knowing your homes water supply is crucial and can really make a difference in your overall health and wellness.

Water covers 2/3rds of the earths surface, and of that only about 3% is fresh and of that only 1% is accessible to humans. Within our water supply the EPA (environmental protection agency) has identified over 700 pollutants that regularly occur in drinking water, and of those 8 inorganic and 10 organic chemicals are regulated. Leaving 10s of thousands of chemicals in know water supplies unregulated.

So my question is have you every had your water tested? Where I live you can taste the chlorine in the water. So its why I chose to use filtration systems. Both for drinking water and shower systems. You can test your water easily by sourcing a local testing plant and from here you can source your best filtration system.

Now I am grateful for our access to water we have in Canada and I'm grateful for the supply of clean water we get, But I am choosing to make my water supply even better and making my body work and function better.

Within the body there are 10 billion biochemical reactions per second and all of which require water. The reason I like my clients to drink water is because the water in tea, coffee, juice etc has to be processed to obtain the water, and guess what? This process uses water, therefore often and usually taking more water to break down and separate the water than the actual water you get from source, this is the case especially for any caffeinated drinks that act like a diuretic on the body or anything that is sweetened and is less transparent in colour. Anything that you can't see through like water needs to go through a digestion process, and this in turn takes water from your body. Hence in my opinion nothing beats water.

And within the body water is crucial for health and wellness, the brain for example controls a lot of the bodily functions and needs water as much as all your other organs, and the brain will control the water distribution to make sure it is taken care of first, the brain makes up 1/50th of total body weight but requires 18-20% of the blood circulation, All of which is water dependant. so a dehydrated body means organ function is and will slow down and reduce body functions. Water is needed for all bodily functions so let's make a change to help your body heal and help your body function by just adding and drinking more water.

The simple fact is the body needs water, it needs a good water source and supply, the body functions better when it is hydrated, I follow the F. Batmanghelidj M.D hydration guidelines. Dr Batmanghelidj recommends that you determine your body weight in pounds, and divide it by two and drink that many ounces in water each day. Body weight in Kg is x0.033 will give you the total in kg countries. If you live in cold places or hot places this will vary greatly and you need to work independently and listen to your bodies many messages.

Now the water filtration I prefer is the Berkey water filtration system, or a reverse osmosis system, for cost sake the Brita water filters are a good place to start, and the rain fresh system is also good with various filters to remove different properties.

I also advise clients to add in either liquid minerals to balance the PH, or I would recommend using himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt. This will help balance the Ph and add some minerals to the water that get removed by the filtration system. The best ph is around a neutral balance anything over 7.0-7.4 is a good level. I test my water using simple ph testing strips. Now in Ontario Canada where I live the average ph balance is around 6- 6.4, on the acidic side.

For more help and information I coach my clients how to work and make sure they are healing and helping with a good water supply. For those fortunate to live where we have access to amazing filtered and fresh water, let's make it better, let's hope your body function and work better.

For more help and or information I recommend

How to eat move and be healthy - Book by Paul Chek available from various sources

The body's many cries for water - Book by F Batmanghelidg M.D available from various sources

and if you have time you can watch this video by Angie Chek on the difference of ph in some of the know water brands.

So my top water tips are

1. Use a filtration system ( any is better than none )

2. Add pure Celtic or Himalayan salt to inc the ph or use a liquid ph balancer

3. Keep water in glass bottles or containers, if plastic make sure Bpa free

4. Drink half your body weight in ounces

5. Be aware of the environment and the change in needs especially with extreme hot and cold

6. If you can have your water tested

7. Have a glass of water as soon as you wake, you have just had a huge detoxification cycle and your body craves water in the morning, Not tea or coffee first.

8. Listen to your body, have a glass of water before you eat, and monitor your urine for hydration

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