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Hows 2019 Working out for you?

So.... The question is how is 2019 working out for you so far?

Are you that person who said 2018 is my year, and it goes by and no change?

Guess what?....If you are saying 2019 is going to be my year then YOU have to be the change.

You can't except the universe or things just to line up for you if you are not willing to do the work and be the change.

So my question is..... WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO BE THE CHANGE?

Here's another question that i'll ask all my clients if you're going to have the amazing year.

What is your DREAM?

And what are your CORE VALUES?

Do you even know what these are?

Most people I work with have never even thought about these and this is the number one reason why people keep failing at making this year their year.

If you are wondering why? well if you don't have a set value on your dream and core values you are kind of just floating through life with no direction.

Who of you out there has already written their goals down? Tell me what courses are you wanting to take to learn? How much money do you want to make? Save? Invest? How many vacations do you want to go on? How are you going to grow without setting intention to all of these?

So I will tell you, anyone who successfully grows always invest's in a coach. Why because a coach helps you through all these changes and helps you shape the future you want.

I have coaches and have for years, Im also looking to take on another new coach to help me grow my business again.

Invest in yourself, take the time to be specific about how you want to grow and be successful.

Write it down, place it somewhere you'll read everyday.

If you want to invest in a coach start today and reach out to me. I will help you get the basics covered in health and wellness to increase your vitality and energy.

Take the time, YOU ARE WORTH IT, make the investment and let's all MAKE THIS YEAR THE YEAR!

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