CHEK Mentoring IMS1 and IMS2 

Ok so by now you have either completed IMS 1 AKA chek exercise coach or you have completed IMS 2 AKA CHEK Practitioner level 1. But now its time to truly master your skill set and make sure you are not making the mistakes you once made and to sharpen your skill set by working with CHEK faculty member Carl Weston. Im offering various opportunities to work with you all to make you the best practitioner you can be the chek system is in-depth and can be at times challenging to put all the information together. 

Monthly Mastermind call - 

This is the most affordable of all mentorship programs I run. Here you can submit your questions and get specific program design and life coaching elements answered and discussed with part of the group that you're in. Not only will you get the advice from a a faculty member but you'll also get the advice from other students many whom you may have been in class with. This is a 12 month program and is right now $25usd per month. But pay now at $250usd and get 2 months free.  

Small group Coaching - 

This is a little more specific and is done in groups of 4 students. Here we shall meet bi monthly and you are expected to submit 1 full case study every two months. Here I will break down each case study from the posture assessments,  the pictures and the HLC forms and review the results and programs and make you the master at program design for your clients. You'll get to see where you are making errors and how to improve your assessment skills and breaking down the results and correct program design.  This is priced at $75usd per month and requires a 6 month commitment. 

Private Mentorship coaching - 

OK this is the package where you get 100% of my attention and I only work on your clients and programs. Usually you'll need to submit a case study review once per month depending on your commitment. Usually I work with students once or twice a month and review case studies as outlined above. The difference is here it's all focused on you and you're clients. This is priced at $115usd per session. 

To se any of my past students referrals please see my testimonial page which is full of testimonials from previous and current CHEK professionals 


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